Water Street has a strong track record of partnering with mid-market businesses to transform their companies into market leaders of substantially greater value. Hear what the founders and executives of these companies have to say about why they selected Water Street as their partner:

“Water Street has been instrumental in our company’s success. Its team helped us generate new ideas and expand our relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers and multi-site healthcare providers. Working together, we transformed MSD’s products and services into a holistic offering uniquely tailored to the needs of our customers.  We look forward to building on the strong foundation we created with Water Street.”

MSD chose to partner with Water Street in 2010. Together, we built MSD into the leading distributor to the alternate-site home infusion therapy market.

“I am extremely confident that the company I spent 20 years building will thrive under Water Street’s guidance. My employees are happy to be part of a winning organization that is stronger than it was before. I’m proud that members of my executive team continue to serve as senior leaders in the new organization. Water Street has done everything they said they would do.”

St. John selected Water Street as its partner in 2011. Water Street merged St. John with PDC to create the world’s leading provider of patient safety identification and healthcare labeling solutions.

“We’ve known Water Street for many years. When they approached us about merging our company with Tri-anim to create a leading U.S. distributor of specialty health care products, they presented a very compelling, concrete plan for bringing our businesses together. Just as importantly, they had a plan for how we would succeed in the marketplace post-close and structured an arrangement where all of us maintained an ownership stake in the business. In my experience, this is no easy feat with three parties involved. I am excited about our future, as we work closely with Water Street to leverage our increased size and scale to expand into new and complementary healthcare markets.”

Bound Tree partnered with Water Street in 2008. Today, the company is the leading U.S. distributor of specialty healthcare products to the acute care and emergency services markets.

“Water Street developed a relationship with us over several years, and consistently impressed us with their knowledge of payer services and ideas for business development. When we decided it was time to look for a partner to help us grow our business, Water Street was our first choice. Together, we created a set of solutions, platform and services that previously did not exist.  In doing so, we helped many of the nation’s largest health insurance payers acquire, service and retain millions of incremental members under the Affordable Care Act.”

During our seven-year partnership, HealthPlan Services and Water Street grew the company into the nation’s leading technology and Business Process as a Services (BPaaS) solution for the individual insurance industry,

“As we weighed various options to help us achieve our goal of more aggressive growth, Water Street stood out as the ideal partner. We were impressed with the team’s vision for our business and how they have helped us redefine our long-term strategy to further enhance our leadership position in the patient safety market.”

Precision Dynamics Corporation selected Water Street as its partner in 2007. Today, PDC is the world’s leading provider of patient safety identification and healthcare labeling solutions.