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At Water Street, we build market leaders in healthcare.Our approach is unique.

proactive + creative + collaborative

Proactive. We’re strategic thinkers, many of us former healthcare executives. We don’t wait for opportunities to come to us. We analyze the marketplace and bring ideas to strategic discussions we initiate with companies we believe have significant growth potential.

Specialists. We’re focused exclusively on healthcare, with decades of operating and investment experience in three clearly defined segments. This, along with our ability to leverage our extensive network of industry relationships, makes us particularly valuable to founders and executives looking to take their company to the next level.

Collaborative. We believe in shared success, which drives a creative, flexible approach tailored to each situation and designed to foster a strong, collaborative and productive relationship between our team and company leadership.

We’re proven. We have established an excellent track record of transformational growth since our founding in 2005, completing more than 100 investments and strategic acquisitions in the course of building 30 leading healthcare companies—and counting.

2020 — a year that demonstrated why the healthcare industry is so important. View our Annual Review

2020 Highlights: Our Companies

  • 15 Companies
  • 13K Employees Worldwide
  • 2.7B Dollars in Sales
  • 10% Aggregate Organic Sales Growth

Corporate Partnerships

We have maintained strong, mutually productive and long-term relationships with the world’s leading healthcare companies, leveraging our proactive approach, collaborative workstyle and track record of success to accelerate growth and value creation. These partnerships can take many forms, including creative strategies to invest in and grow targeted businesses, divest market-leading companies, or develop products to advance pipelines without increasing development expenses.

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