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Healthcare Services

Water Street’s Healthcare Services companies serve three core customer groups—employers, providers and payers—offering services and solutions that focus on addressing critical pain points, playing a significant role in improving access to quality care, and taking cost out of the healthcare system.

The priority is growth. Our companies achieve it leveraging Water Street’s extensive network of executive relationships to help them get in the door and expand their customer base.

We support our companies by helping them shape their value propositions around significant areas of need within the healthcare system and investing in talent and technology to build the capabilities and scale required to serve the nation’s leading organizations.

Working together, we engage our deep experience and network of resources to help our companies foster new partnerships, develop new offerings and meaningfully expand their market presence.

Creating Value in Four Areas:

  • Employer Services

    Helping employers gain greater control over their health benefits by optimizing access to high-quality care, improving employee health and reducing costs.

  • Payer Services

    Providing solutions to help health plans improve the member experience, support positive health outcomes and drive lower costs.

  • Provider Services

    Offering specialized expertise that enables healthcare systems, physician groups and other providers to increase engagement with consumers, operate more efficiently and deliver clinical quality leading to improved outcomes.

  • Specialty Services

    Targeted services in niche markets that help improve consumer access, quality and outcomes with maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.


We help our companies:

  • Improve Outcomes
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Access to Care
  • Improve Experience

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