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September 212020

Safeguard Medical Announces New Partnership

Chicago — Safeguard Medical, a global provider of life-saving products and services, announced today that it has finalized a partnership with MAXFI Surgical Simulations (MAXFI), which specializes in creating hyper-realistic surgical simulations used for military training, research and product development, and medical education.

The long-term partnership adds to Safeguard Medical’s life-like patient simulators, SIMBODIES, and complements its leading-edge emergency medical product, skills training and consulting programs. Safeguard Medical’s portfolio of trauma and simulation products and services now encompasses:

  • hyper-realistic, customized simulations using a patented blood substitute for teaching advanced emergency medical skills that provide much-needed repetitions for trained responders in a cadaveric environment that realistically mimics live organs and tissue;
  • stand-alone, high-fidelity customized mannequins that allow for immersive field training experiences for first responders at any skill level and in every environment;
  • wearable task-training oriented wounds that enable instruction in the classroom or field action settings;
  • moulage and SIMBODIES technician services that increase the realism of the training experience by creating the environment needed for optimal education;
  • the ability to couple these capabilities with an experienced team of medical professionals to create unique training experiences for responders at all skill levels.

Adam Johnson, CEO, Safeguard Medical, said, “Our collaboration with MAXFI elevates our medical training capabilities to the highest level. By combining our clinical expertise and proprietary technologies, we provide first responders with unmatched, real-life simulations that will help them prepare for the otherwise unimaginable situations they will face on the front lines of saving lives.”

Safeguard Medical was formed earlier this year when the company partnered with Water Street Healthcare Partners, a strategic investor focused exclusively on the health care industry, to merge Combat Medical Systems, Prometheus Medical, Trauma FX Ltd. and Water-Jel Technologies. The combined company offers a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge, high-quality products and services specializing in the emergency medical field.

“We will continue to grow our portfolio of innovative products and capabilities to ensure we fulfill our mission of equipping and enabling responders at every skill level to preserve life in any environment,” said Mr. Johnson.

About Safeguard Medical

Safeguard Medical is a leading global provider of products and services to the growing first responder market. It is comprised of four highly regarded businesses specializing in emergency medicine: Combat Medical Systems, Prometheus Medical, Trauma FX Ltd. and Water-Jel Technologies. As one company, Safeguard Medical offers a powerful portfolio of innovative, high-quality products, kitting capabilities and training programs dedicated to supporting first responders with saving lives. Safeguard Medical is a company of Water Street Healthcare Partners, a strategic investor focused exclusively on the health care industry. For more information, please visit

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