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July 132021

Safeguard Medical Acquires PerSys Medical

Chicago – Safeguard Medical, a global leader in innovative emergency medical technologies and specialized training for first responders, announced today that it has acquired PerSys Medical. The strategic acquisition bolsters Safeguard Medical’s global presence and product portfolio.

With the addition of PerSys, Safeguard offers the widest selection of bandages and tourniquets available for lifesaving critical care. The company also gains a world-class Research & Development center in Israel with a strong innovation pipeline and expands its global distribution footprint to more than 60 countries.

Known for state-of-the-art, globally recognized products, PerSys brings to Safeguard a full line of the most sought-after bandages and tourniquets for first responders active in civilian, military, and public safety service. Major products include:

  • The Emergency Bandage: since its adoption by United States Army Rangers in 2001, The Emergency Bandage (also known as The Israeli Bandage) has been the standard of care for hemorrhage control;
  • WaisMed NIO: an automatic, intraosseous device which provides safe, quick and easy vascular access in emergency situations;
  • Blizzard Trauma Blanket: the number one choice of the U.S. Army, this blanket provides thermal insulation and prevents heat loss in the patient in trauma cases.

This combined portfolio also opens emergency medical equipment favored by defense forces to more civilian and combat customers worldwide.

“PerSys and Safeguard enjoy a complementary customer base and have long been unified in our mission, so this acquisition offers our customers the broadest possible options for lifesaving medical equipment and technologies, and serves as a natural extension to our product portfolio,” said Adam Johnson, chief executive officer of Safeguard Medical. “This strategic acquisition will increase our flexibility as a mission-minded driver of training technologies and cutting-edge products for first responders around the world. As Safeguard continues to grow, so does our global presence and leadership in emergency medical response.”

Following a series of mergers and acquisitions over the last two years, Safeguard Medical is well positioned to solve the emergency medical needs of today, and prepare for the demands of tomorrow. Distributors and customers of both companies will continue to have access to the lifesaving technologies of both PerSys Medical and Safeguard Medical.

“By joining forces with Safeguard and bringing together two industry innovators, we’re progressing a shared mission: to stop preventable deaths by putting exceptional, easy-to-use products in the hands of initial responders,” said Ofer Molad, founder and president, PerSys Medical. “We look forward to continuing to serve military and law enforcement professionals, emergency medical technicians, and everyday civilians as they work to save lives around the globe.”

About Safeguard Medical

Safeguard Medical is home to the world’s leading and trusted brands for emergency medical product technologies, and skills training. Offering a powerful portfolio of innovative, high-quality products, simulation capabilities, training courses and consultancy programs, Safeguard Medical is dedicated to advancing its mission of equipping and enabling responders at every skill level to preserve life in any environment. Driven by innovation and real-world experience, Safeguard Medical aims to solve not only the emergency medical needs of today, but to prepare for the demands of tomorrow. Safeguard Medical is a company of Water Street Healthcare Partners, a strategic investor focused exclusively on the health care industry. For more information, visit

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