Temptime Corporation

Temptime is the leading developer of highly specialized technology that visually notifies users if medical and biological products have been exposed to temperatures that could damage or alter their effectiveness.  It is the world’s only company that has successfully designed and produced time-temperature monitoring solutions that meet the strict specifications of the largest global health organizations’ vaccination programs.  Temptime serves every global manufacturer that participates in these programs.  The company chose to partner with Water Street in 2013 to enhance its capabilities and continue to grow its business.  Two months later, Water Street helped facilitate Temptime’s acquisition of William Laboratories to expand the company into devices that monitor the temperature of blood and other biological products.  Our team is continuing to invest in initiatives that will advance Temptime’s mission of improving global health through products and services that protect people from the risk of using medical products damaged by extreme temperatures.

Renaat Van den Hooff


Work with us

Renaat Van den Hooff has more than 30 years of global leadership experience in healthcare.  Prior to Temptime, he achieved a distinguished career at Johnson & Johnson, where he served as worldwide president of the company’s joint venture with Merck.  He also held a number of management positions for J&J in Belgium, the United Kingdom and United States.  Renaat has served as president of Temptime since 2011.  He received a degree in economics from VEH – Brussels, Belgium and his master’s degree in marketing from the Vlerick Business School at the University of Ghent, Belgium.  In addition to serving as a director of Temptime, he is a member of the board of trustees and executive committee of the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.